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Student Affairs

Since 1998, over 1500 colleges and universities have used EBI Benchmarking Assessments to improve the quality of the college student experience. We provide student affairs professionals the information they need to evaluate performance, identify their contribution to professional standards and the greater institutional mission, and drive continuous improvement.

Student Affairs Assessments:

Residence Life (Housing)

College Union/Student Center


First-Year Initiative

Campus Diversity

The EBI MAP-Works Advantage


Calibrates performance against six self-selected peers/competitors from the largest pool of colleges and universities, Carnegie Class institutions, and the national standard.

Continuous Improvement:

Impacts overall effectiveness by providing results that go beyond describing performance to identifying where time, energy and scarce resources should be invested to improve overall quality and performance.

Professional Standards:

Aligns performance against professional standards (e.g. CCNE, NLNAC, ABET A-K Program Criteria Outcomes*, NCATE, CAS Standards, NASPA/ACPA Learning and Leadership Reconsidered, ACUHO-I Professional Standards).

Flexible Assessments Scheduling:

Suits your needs by allowing you to select assessments and implement them on your timetable without sacrificing benchmark comparisons.

Comprehensive Results Analysis and Reporting:

Provides easy to interpret executive summaries, in-depth analysis, custom analysis (cross-tab, multi-level filtering), statistical analysis (t-test and regressions)—everything you need to make the most of your assessment program.

*ABET does not endorse any commercial assessment products, nor has any relationship with EBI MAP-Works, business or otherwise.

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Student Affairs Suite

  • Support continuous improvement efforts
  • Empower your staff with the information they need
  • Calibrate your institution's performance
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EBI has been an amazing professional resource for me! Utilizing the various assessment packages available through EBI has allowed me to better understand students, their experiences, and the learning that is occurring through their engagement with various programs and activities. EBI has made assessment easy!

University of North Dakota

Cassie Gerhardt, Ph.D., Program Director for Student Involvement

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