Measure Student Perceptions of the Campus Climate

EBI Benchmarking Assessments, in conjunction with Ohio State University and the University of Texas at Austin, has developed powerful Climate Assessment tools to assess the diversity climate on your campus. Our assessments are rooted in sophisticated theory and research and utilize rigorous statistical methods. As a result, we provide higher education professionals with the information and support they need to create a more cohesive, positive campus climate for students and staff.

Available Assessments:
  • Campus-wide Student Climate/Diversity Assessment
  • Faculty/Staff Climate/Diversity Assessment
For more information, please contact
a member of our assessment team:

Phone: (417) 429-4530


Why Assess?
  • Identify specifically where improvement efforts should be focused to improve overall quality and performance
  • Benchmark your institution’s performance with our existing community of institutions
  • Evaluate performance over time to monitor the impact of improvement efforts and inform future improvement initiatives
  • Provide evidence of how your department contributes to the fulfillment of the institutional mission
  • Create/enhance continuous improvement methodology for Student Affairs on your campus
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