Continuous Improvement in Engineering Education

Assessment is vital to continuously improving engineering education. We have designed sophisticated, user-friendly Engineering Education Benchmarking Assessments based on ABET’s A-K Program Outcome Criteria for program accreditation*. Using these standards, our engineering education assessments provide you with the insight you need to make targeted, meaningful changes backed by hard data.

Available Assessments:
  • Engineering Exit Assessment
  • Engineering Alumni Assessment
  • Engineering Employer Assessment
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Why Assess?
  • Calibrate performance against professional standards(ABET A-K Program Criteria Outcome)*
  • Identify specifically where improvement efforts should be focused to improve overall quality and performance
  • Benchmark your institution’s performance with our existing community of institutions
  • Evaluate performance over time to monitor the impact of improvement efforts and inform future improvement initiatives
  • Provide evidence of how your department contributes to the fulfillment of the institutional mission
  • Create/Enhance continuous improvement methodology for Academic Affairs on your campus
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*ABET does not endorse any commercial assessment products, nor has any relationship with EBI, business or otherwise

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