Improve the Quality of Fraternity/Sorority Life with
AFA and EBI Benchmarking Assessments

The Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors partnered with EBI Benchmarking Assessments to develop a powerful tool for fraternity and sorority life. Based on years of research and grounded in student development theory, the AFA/EBI assessment results help you pinpoint the areas of greatest need and empower you to strengthen the quality of the fraternity/sorority experience for your students and your institution. This assessment is the only nationally-produced and validated research-based instrument for fraternity/sorority professionals.

Available Assessments:
  • AFA/EBI Fraternity/Sorority Assessment
For more information, please contact
a member of our assessment team:

Phone: (417) 429-4530


Why Assess?
  • Provide evidence of how the fraternity/sorority experience contributes to the fulfillment of your college/university mission
  • Calibrate performance against professional standards (e.g. CAS Standards, NASPA/ACPA Learning and Leadership Reconsidered)
  • Identify specifically where improvement efforts should be focused to improve overall quality and performance
  • Benchmark your institution’s performance with our existing community of hundreds of institutions
  • Evaluate performance over time to monitor the impact of improvement efforts and inform future improvement initiatives
  • Create/enhance continuous improvement methodology for Student Affairs on your campus
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EBI has been an amazing professional resource for me! Utilizing the various assessment packages available through EBI has allowed me to better understand students, their experiences, and the learning that is occurring through their engagement with various programs and activities. EBI has made assessment easy!

University of North Dakota

Cassie Gerhardt, Ph.D., Program Director for Student Involvement

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