The MAP-Works® platform empowers faculty and staff to positively impact student success and retention by identifying at-risk students early in the term. It efficiently and effectively provides faculty and staff the information they need to identify and coordinate interventions with at-risk students.

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MAP-Works Retention Platform

MAP-Works’s retention effectiveness blends sound student development theory with proven research, powerful data analytics and years of experience. It combines the power of real-time analytics, strategic communications, and differentiated user interfacing, with integrated statistical testing and outcomes reporting. MAP-Works offers a holistic approach to student success and retention.

Identify and Motivate

MAP-Works incorporates prominent student development and learning theories and integrates both profile and student experience data to ensure accurate identification of at-risk students. The platform then provides the motivation faculty and staff need to effectively invest their limited time and resources into helping the right students. More effective student meetings take place because faculty and staff understand real student issues.


Through the MAP-Works interface, student assessment results are instantly available to faculty and staff to identify their at-risk students. They are provided with the right information at the right time to focus on the critical issues for each individual student.

Coordinate and Intervene

MAP-Works helps to coordinate your efforts s and communicate and collaborate with your colleagues across campus for more effective student interventions.


MAP-Works provides a robust management tool that measures impact, ensures accountability and manages the retention effort on you campus effectively.

Outcomes and Analytics

MAP-Works provides the ability to assess the outcomes of your efforts and measure improvements in student success and retention on your campus.


Empowering students to:
  • Gain insight about themselves through social-norming
  • Recognize gaps between their behavior and their desired outcomes
  • Understand the elements that impact their social and academic success
  • Reach out and capitalize on campus resources that can help them address their problems
Empowering faculty to:
  • Quickly identify and reach out to at-risk students early in the term to have the greatest impact on retention and student success
  • Coordinate efforts with other faculty/staff that have a Direct-Connect® relationship with their students through alerts and notes
  • Prepare for student meetings in advance so time is spent helping students rather than diagnosing problems
  • Quantify efforts and outcomes
  • Benchmark against other institutions

MAP-Works Apps Available

 Image of MAP-Works student app
Apps Designed for Students

Students can take their survey, schedule appointments, view Direct-Connect Faculty/Staff and see their Student Report by installing the MAP-Works app on their iPhone and Android smart phones.

We also offer a Facebook App giving students access to their entire Student Portal in a space and format they are already familiar with.

Image of MAP-Works faculty app
Apps Designed for Faculty

Faculty and staff can access the most commonly used MAP-Works functionalities on their iPad, iPhone and Android devices. The app allows for viewing of Risk Indicator, Talking Points, and Contacts, Alerts and Notes. Faculty and staff can also record contacts and notes directly from their iPad.

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It allowed us in one year, to make a 4% jump in first-to-second-year persistence.

Central Michigan University

Jason Bentley, Director of First-Year Experience and Special Projects for Academic Affairs

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