MAP-Works Excellence Awards

The MAP-Works Excellence Awards recognize institutions that exemplify our mission of continuous improvement in student success and retention. The award review committee read through numerous applications and was humbled to see so many meaningful projects taking place on campuses across the country. Our award recipients have proven how the MAP-Works program may ensure students successfully transition to college and maximize their college experience.

2013 MAP-Works Excellence Awards

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Kanawha Valley Community and Technical College
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University of San Diego
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American University
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University of Iowa
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University of Nevada at Reno
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University of Wisconsin at Whitewater
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Hiram College
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Northern Illinois University

MAP-Works Excellence Award Review Committee

The MAP-Works Excellence Award Review Committee consisted of experts in the higher education community. We thank them for the time and effort they put in to distinguish our award recipients’ commitment to excellence.

  • Dr. Betsy Barefoot, Assistant Vice President & Director of Enrollment Management Purdue University
  • Dr. Brent Drake, Assistant Vice President & Director of Enrollment Management Purdue University
  • Norbert Dunkel, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs University of Florida
  • Dr. Jennifer Hodges, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies University of North Texas
  • Mary Stuart Hunter, Associate Vice President & Executive Director for University 101 Programs National Resource Center for the First Year Experience and Students in Transition – University of South Carolina
  • Marsha Miller, Assistant Director, Resources & Services; Editorial Board National Academic Advising Association
  • Dr. Molly Schaller, Chair and Associate Professor, Department of Counselor Education and Human Services University of Dayton
  • Rick Sparks, Assistant Dean and New Student Programs Director; President-Elect, NODA Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  • Dr, Randy Swing, Executive Director Association for Institutional Research
  • Dr. Tom Grites, Assistant to the Provost Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
  • Dr. Victor M. H. Borden, Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Indiana University

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Central Michigan University

Jason Bentley, Director of First-Year Experience and Special Projects for Academic Affairs

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