The Power of Assessment

Rigorous, research-based EBI Benchmarking Assessments can unlock the power of assessment results to improve your institution’s performance. Our assessments provide targeted, analysis-backed insights to measure your performance and guide your improvement efforts. EBI Benchmarking Assessments' analysis identifies where you should focus your time, money and resources to improve the overall quality of the student experience and help each student thrive.

Our Sophisticated Reporting

  • Standards Based Analysis & Reporting
    Standards-Based Analysis & Reporting

    Align your assessment results with professional standards.

  • MAP-Works Benchmarking

    Calibrate performance against six, self-selected peers/competitors from the largest pool of colleges and universities, Carnegie Class institutions, and the national standard.

  • Fact-Based Decision-Making
    Fact-Based Decision-Making

    Assessment results identify where to allocate your scarce resources for the greatest impact on improving the quality of your program.

  • Objective Evidence of Impact
    Objective Evidence of Impact

    You will be armed with results from an objective third party that demonstrate the impact of your contributions to your program and the college/university mission.

  • Resource Justification
    Resource Justification

    Provide valid, reliable, research-based results to justify increases in budgets.

  • Continuous Improvement Reports
    Continuous Improvement Reports

    Our reporting and results provide you with confidence and certainty in making critical decisions on your campus.

Why Assess Every Year?

Assessment drives the continuous improvement cycle, and the shorter the cycle, the faster the improvement. The shortest cycle for higher education is an academic year. The first commitment to continuous improvement is a commitment to annual assessment.

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EBI has been an amazing professional resource for me! Utilizing the various assessment packages available through EBI has allowed me to better understand students, their experiences, and the learning that is occurring through their engagement with various programs and activities. EBI has made assessment easy!

University of North Dakota

Cassie Gerhardt, Ph.D., Program Director for Student Involvement

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